IT Networking

In this domain we design and implement the architecture for the user/company to get most of the output from available resources through networking.We customize the usage pattern of user wise in the network to get the most from it.

  1. Wired Networking: Small and large Offices where computers are nearly from 15 – 500 or more require extensive planning fro usage of their network. From Internet Bandwidth Planning to Intranet resources planning we provide solutions to these corporate.
  2. Wi-Fi Networking: Where cable laying is an issue, or the office is mostly on Laptops, require wireless networking. In most of the case we have seen restaurants, Hotels, Airport, Railway stations opts these kind of networking. Now a days a house hold is also willing to connects their Laptop, Desktop, I pad, Tablet and Mobile thru their personal WI-Fi network build at home and share the single Internet connection.
  3. Optical Fibre Networking: When there is a long distance and the data transfer is very high, we recommend Optical Fibre Networking. The best part in this is, there is no data packet loss, no weather effect, no RF or Electrical disturbance effects and Very much reliable.
  4. EoC Networking: This is a new technology, where existing co-ax cable will be use for carrying data. Good for Multi-storeyed Building, Cable TV Operators, Hotels and Malls where Co-ax is running around in the area or the building.